This page is primarily dedicated to my mental and physical health along with my subsequent setbacks and triumphs with them. I frequently mention “Theresa,” which is the name I gave my thyroid after growing so incredibly tired of saying that word as we tried to figure out for months what was wrong when my health took an uncomfortable turn last fall due to that infamous little gland. Maybe someone can relate. Maybe writing here will help me find some humor in dealing with that and the anxiety that’s plagued me for most of my life. Fingers crossed!

For months, we tried to figure out what was wrong. It was only after my youngest daughter scratched my neck that I found a lump. Lots of blood testing, two ultrasounds, and a biopsy later, we had the answer. Nothing was life threatening. Thank goodness. Everything is fine, relative to all other diseases. However, it’s still a disease and I need to take care of myself.

July 14, Theresa Strikes Again, an excerpt:

“Ten days ago, the nagging pain began radiating from my neck. I knew what that meant. A Hashimoto’s flare was imminent. I tried to ward it off by getting rest, staying active, and managing stress. I failed.”

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Below is an excerpt from what I wrote when I was first diagnosed:

“The disease itself can cause myriad symptoms, and it seems as though no two cases are alike. Some people who have  Hashimoto’s have virtually no symptoms until their TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is off. So what do I do? I research the hell out of everything. Is this normal? Could something else be the problem? Am I going to deal with this forever? What new symptoms could I develop next?

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